Four Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Play Cricket

blog-post-sticky-wicky-four-reasons-to-play-cricketCricket is a sport, and playing sports is good for your child’s health and fitness.  You might get where we are going with this.  However, you’re probably also wondering why we’ve singled out cricket out of all different sports.  Here are four reasons why...

387 Words on Bravery

be-brave-newsletter-sticky-wicky-2017Be brave.  I have this command posted prominently in my office.  Be brave; a good reminder on how I wish to face each day.  Bravery isn't only heroic acts in spectacular circumstance.  To me, bravery is more common than that.  We all face adversity and all call upon our own super powers to prevail.  STICKY WICKY is not your typical company; we are entrepreneurs operating in domestic chaos and so to me 'be brave' means something a little different each day.  

STICKY WICKY Now Available in UK

sticky-wicky-available-in-uk-blog-2017Progress!  STICKY WICKY has crossed the oceans and is now available in the UK! We are sending good vibes north for a safe arrival and a successful summer.   Please share STICKY WICKY with your UK friends.  Tweet, share and tag!  In this business, a secret is never successful so please tell everyone!  

Lights, Camera, Action! Film Day at STICKY WICKY HQ

keeper-tvc-sticky-wicky-blog-postLast Sunday, we did some filming for our STICKY WICKY products. The day was big. The crew from Lights, Camera, Business looked after scripts, storyboards and the mechanics of the day. The rest was up to us - talent, props, wardrobe, catering and making sure everyone was happy in the green room. Many friends and neighbours came to the rescue - we are ever so grateful.  As always, we are overwhelmed with the support that our village has given us while we nurture STICKY WICKY. Many thanks. Here's the first of 5 TVC/videos. Enjoy!

The WILD BAT - an absolute innovation

wild-bat-logo-blogpost-sticky-wickyDuring the BBL last year, Khwaja was using a bat that was an unusual shape.  Pete thought it looked a bit like a shark - if only it was blue - if only it had a fin and if only it had some eyes.  Quickly we got the play dough out, set to work and here's what happened.

STICKY WICKY Turns Six Years Old!


When we were one, STICKY WICKY had just begun.

When we were two, we thought we knew what to do.

When we were three, the road was bumpy. [believe me].

SWC Report - Students from Avalon Public School, NSW

Hear what the students at Avalon Public School on Sydney's northern beaches have to say about STICKY WICKY.  Just lovely girls full of enthusiasm and spirit!  Thank you ladies! 

Transforming Home Sport at Avalon Public School

Kym Charles from Avalon Public School is a seasoned professional when it comes to school sporting activites.  She says STICKY WICKY is a winner!  "Well it's great for group sport because you've got kids of all different abilities.  They get themselves into groups, make up their own rules and decide how they want to run things. Everyone is involved all the time.  No one is waiting for turns. For the whole time, we are out here, there is never any kids sitting around.  You can work on their skills or one-on-one or in groups if you need to.  Just look at them!   They love it.  They are having fun."

Determination & Focus. Key to Success.

dodds-family-sticky-wickyDon’t worry about Plan B, she says. “If we had had a Plan B, I’m not confident we would have stuck to Plan A.”  “When you fall in a heap – and you will – give yourself a moment to rest and then pop back up.

Move Over Technology.

Gone are the days when kids would spend all day playing outside, unknowingly building stamina, releasing endorphins and casually absorbing vitamin D. Back then the only screen parents needed to worry about was sunscreen, whereas today’s kids seem to have a different issue with bright sunshine – it interferes with the visibility of their screens.