387 Words on Bravery

be-brave-newsletter-sticky-wicky-2017Be brave.  I have this command posted prominently in my office.  Be brave; a good reminder on how I wish to face each day.  Bravery isn't only heroic acts in spectacular circumstance.  To me, bravery is more common than that.  We all face adversity and all call upon our own super powers to prevail. At STICKY WICKY we are entrepreneurs operating in domestic chaos and so to me 'be brave' means something a little different each day.  Being brave one day might mean making a call to present our products to a new buyer.  Being brave the next might be as simple as opening the door to my daughter's bedroom!  (I mean who lives like that!?)

Many of you are business owners and can appreciate that bravery, in whatever form, is required to be an entrepreneur.  I don't believe people are born brave but instead learn to be brave. With a bit of practice, you actually begin to feel comfortable being uncomfortable.  We practice being confident, faking it till we make it.   We persist in reaching our goals however outrageous they may seem to others.  We learn to focus on difficult tasks and quickly acquire the skills we need to succeed.   Above all else we practice accepting uncertainty daily.

One of the areas of business that I find requires the most courage is social media.  I worry about who is following me and wonder if I'm following the right groups.  How bizarre!  Share. Post. Link. Tag. Tweet.  Am I using the right hashtag?  Does it even matter??  Is my content relevant or boring?  Keeping up to date is a challenge. Done right, social media is powerful and very cost effective.   I'm determined to practice until I get it right.   Content, compelling content, is the one ingredient we all crave which prompted us to create our product videos.   Our STICKY WICKY clips are about to be released into cyberspace.  Please watch out for them and share far and wide.  Give them a push if they come your way.  Tag me so I can see where those brave little videos have ended up!

So, today, I will be brave. Ironically, today's 'brave thing' is to write this blogpost on 'being brave'.  Cut, paste, delete, more, less...  Oh my - here's me being brave.  <SEND>


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