Transforming Home Sport at Avalon Public School

The students at Avalon Public School on Sydney’s northern beaches have been loving their STICKY WICKY for a few years now. Each Friday the school breaks into groups for Home Sport when one lucky group gets to play STICKY WICKY! Smaller groups means more turns and more fun. It is a crowd pleaser and a favourite of Kym Charles, the teacher in charge.


"Well it's great for group sport because you've got kids of all different abilities.  They get themselves into groups, make up their own rules and decide how they want to run things. Everyone is involved all the time.  No one is waiting for turns."  

"For the whole time, we are out here, there is never any kids sitting around."

 "You can work on their skills or one-on-one or in groups if you need to.  Just look at them!   They love it.  They are having fun.    They all cheer when they hear they are having STICKY WICKY.  For the number of kids involved, it doesn't take up a lot of space."


STICKY WICKY is an innovative cricketing tool that creates a learning environment with just the right balance of good practice and good fun.   It is ideal for:

  • Home Sport
  • PE Lessons
  • PSSA Cricket Training
  • After School Care Activity

Transform your cricket program.  Introduce STICKY WICKY.



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