Four Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Play Cricket

sticky-wicky-blog-post-four-reasons-to-play-cricketCricket is a sport, and playing sports is good for your child’s health and fitness. You might get where we are going with this.  However, you’re probably also wondering why we’ve singled out cricket out of all different sports.

Well, besides the fact that cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide, this bat-and-ball game has some unique aspects that make it especially beneficial for kids.

Whether you enrol your child in a local club to play competitive cricket or let him play with a few friends in your backyard using improvised equipment, here are four reasons you’re doing the right thing:

1. Cricket helps boost stamina, balance and coordination

Both social and competitive cricket games require players to be fit and strong as there are lots of sprinting and running involved when stopping balls or scoring a run. Players also need to have good hand-eye coordination for bowling and throwing the ball.

In this age where gaming and entertainment can be achieved on a mobile device, children are becoming less physically active than ever before. Sadly, such behaviour is setting them up for a sedentary lifestyle later in adulthood, which can be dangerous to physical and mental well-being.

So, encouraging them to play sports, especially cricket, is a good way to keep them active. And quite frankly, it’s one of the best things you can ever do for your child.

2. It keeps your child’s brain in shape

What separates cricket from many other sports is that it requires players to have impressive focus and strategic skills. It’s like an actual game of chess, wherein each move must be carefully thought of and calculated.

That said, cricket not only helps keep your child’s body fit but his mind as well.

3. It instils sportsmanship and discipline

As with all kinds of sport, cricket is a highly competitive game. But, the Spirit of Cricket makes it perfect for teaching kids the value of sportsmanship and discipline – two things that are not easily taught and appreciated in everyday situations.

Unique to the sport, the Spirit of Cricket mandates that players must behave properly on the field and observe fair play at all times.

Exposing your child to this kind of environment will help him or her grow up as a better person – someone who respects others and conforms to the rules.

4. It helps your kid build social connections

Cricket is a team sport, which means your child will be encouraged to work with others. In addition, the sport encompasses boundaries of class, age and gender, which means your child will be exposed to a diverse social community.

We all know being socially adept is a critical life skill. So, teaching your child to be that at a young age is a cracking idea!

To sum it all up, cricket is a fun, educational and rich social experience for children. It doesn’t just teach your child to swing a bat or score a run; it keeps him fit and healthy and teaches him lessons that are valuable in life.



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