STICKY WICKY Now Available in UK

sticky-wicky-available-in-uk-2017Progress!  STICKY WICKY has crossed the oceans and is now available in the UK! This cricket loving nation is sure to embrace our game. We are sending good vibes north for a safe arrival and a successful summer.   Please share STICKY WICKY with your UK friends.  Tweet, share and tag!  In this business, a secret is never successful so please tell everyone!  

It's amazing to think that not so long ago a boy from country NSW had a simple idea on how to make backyard cricket better.  Like most kids of his era, Peter Dodds grew up playing cricket with his brother in the backyard.  The trampoline stopped a few of the wild deliveries but many went into the paddock.  A backstop was what they needed and the seed was sown for STICKY WICKY.  It wasn't until his 40th birthday that we began to work full time on bringing his idea to life.  Now 7 years later, we are sending his game off to entertain families across the globe.  Such fun! 

STICKY WICKY is available at Argos, select Sainsbury's stores and from April.  England prepares for a jam packed summer of cricket.  Perfect timing...


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