STICKY WICKY is a brand of outdoor family games.  STICKY WICKY products deliver good fun with good practice.  They provide a portable backstop with sticky stumps and sticky balls and promise to stop the arguments - if it sticks, you’re out!

STICKY WICKY first introduced a backstop for cricket 10 years ago.  It has been a popular family game, training aid and camp activity and is popping up in backyards coast to coast.   Our cricket products include an ALL ROUNDER, a full backstop with hook material on the stumps, a bat and 3 loop balls, and the KEEPER, a simpler pop up version with just 1 ball.  

Buoyed from the success of our cricket game in Australia, we have designed baseball ‘cousins’, a large wrap around game called BALL PARK and a smaller pop up called CATCHER .   It’s baseball just a little more sticky and a lot more fun.  

STICKY WICKY gets rid of the boring bits like chasing balls and ensure there’s a lot more action.  To society’s relief batteries are NOT required and the only screen needed is sunscreen.

 STICKY WICKY has patented features including the shape and hook/loop properties.  Patents and trademarks are in place in USA, Canada, India, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  It is a quality product – built for the rough and tumble of kids – built to last not just for this season but many to come.