The Review Board


Welcome to the SWRB - 'Sticky Wicky Review Board'. Thank you for playing! You should receive a package from my friend Shirley (pictured) either today or tomorrow. In it should be a Sticky Wicky Keeper, a 3 pack of balls and a Wild Bat. These are yours to keep - enjoy! 

Before we go further, can I just say what a champion Shirley is! We had such a drama getting these promotional products released from the distributor. They fumbled up the address and then sent the wrong bats.The brown paper I sent Shirley, ran out - twice. Doh - was a bit like running out of petrol. This 'little job' was turning out to be a monster. I was embarrassed it took so long and I'm so grateful that Shirley persevered for me. It would have been near impossible for me to send from Sydney. Thank you Shirley for being such a good sport! You are officially a Sticky Wicky Chicky!

I can't tell you what an epic journey it's been to get to this point. From sewing up our first prototypes on my old Singer sewing machine to delivering 8 x 40' containers to Aldi on the other side of the world. Wow. We all know that when you are running your own show, it is important to stop and celebrate the milestones. Well. This. Is. A. Mother. Of. A. Milestone. Thank you for being part of it. The idea of inviting you to review our gear sounded easy at first. It was a lot harder than I thought. Thank you - each of you - for replying to my calls for help. I was so excited when I got your replies. Sounds creepy but I'm enjoying following you. My world has gotten much much bigger thanks to insta!

So the next steps should be easy. You need to just open up the packages, grab some friends and have some fun. Please snap some good pics or video. Sticky Wicky is a wonderfully simple game that engages and entertains. What we'd like you to do is share your opinion of Sticky Wicky with your audience. Please tell them that these products are available at Aldi stores across Ireland and the UK from June 17th. That's it. Easy as.  

Please use #stickywicky with your posts. Can't wait to see them. The Aldi promotion starts June 17th so if you are able to schedule the post close to this time that would be brilliant. This is my first time running something like this, so hope I've not overlooked anything. If you have any advice, please share. You can reach me at or DM me on my instagram - 


Below is a pdf I'm circulating as well. Thought it might be useful.









Aldi UK and Ireland Sticky Wicky Promotion