To win a Wild Bat, tag a Tigers fan.

We've giving away some Sticky Wicky gear sure to make any Tigers fan smile.  Might just keep them smiling all summer long...

WILD BATs by Sticky Wicky are an absolute innovation. 
     Size 4 cricket bats morphed into creatures with attitude.  
     Quality construction.  Irresistible design.
     Promotes good fun and good practice. 
     The perfect addition to your backyard kit. 
     Made with durable HDPE quality plastic 
     Includes 1 ball. 
     Perfect for all ages.
To win a Sticky Wicky Wild Bat, simply:
1. Like our Facebook Page
2. Follow us on Instagram
3. Tag a Tigers Fan in 'Comments'

Do this BEFORE October 8th.  
3 Winners will be drawn.  Good luck!