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STICKY WICKY BALL PARK is a huge backstop with a sticky strike zone and sticky balls.  BALL PARK comes with a bat and 3 balls.  After a quick initial assembly, you simply roll it out and set it up – 2 min tops!  Because of its structure and size it is outdoor only and you'll need some grass to secure the pegs.   Create your own backyard bull pen with just one rule – if it sticks, you’re out!  

 "Great training tool for our little league team.  Kids turn inside out when they land it in the mitt!"

 "I'm a teacher and love the Ballpark game for my class.  No need for a catcher while they are learning - very safe."

  • Patented design promotes lots of baseball - no balls to chase.  
  • Creates focus and encourages accuracy - engaging and fun!
  • Pitching practice is easy with this portable back catcher.
  • With no need for a back catcher, two or more people can have a great backyard game.
  • A hook patch forms a sticky strike zone. In this game when it sticks, you’re out!
  • Our games are easily portable - set up in minutes and pack up in seconds.
  • In the backyard, at the club or at school, promotes good fun & good practice.
  • banner with a hook patch – 3400mm x 1200mm (1 pc)
  • bottom pole pieces with spiked feet – 500mm (4pcs)
  • top pole pieces with a hole in the top – 700mm (4pcs)
  • pole joiner (4pcs)
  • ground pegs – 50mm (4pcs)
  • ground pegs – 175mm (6pcs)
  • ropes with ground pegs attached (6pcs)
  • STICKY WICKY ball (3pcs)
  • STICKY WICKY baseball bat (1pc)
  • carry bag (1pc)
  • weight - 4.5 kg
  • dimensions - 81 x 16 x 16 cm



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